Flash Fiction: Short Stories with a hint of Nano Fiction & Micro Fiction

A relatively new term; Flash Fiction has replaced terms such as “short short story” to describe tales that are minimal in length. Some also use terms such as Nano Fiction & Micro Fiction; however these seem to have a set form whereas flash fiction is still open for debate.

I, like many others before me have always wanted to write a book. I like many others before me can’t get motivated enough, or hold onto one concept long enough to write an 80,000 word document.

So I have been looking at short or rather, shorter stories and came across the term Flash Fiction. Flash Fiction is a story of 1,000 words or under; some say between 100 and 500 words. Now I think I can do that!

So after doing a little research; yes including Wikipedia; I am now working along the lines that Flash Fiction can be sub-classed into a number of terms. These include the Six Words Story, Dribble, Drabble, Micro Fiction, Nano Fiction, Sudden Fiction and Twitterature.

The Six Words Story is just that; a story in just 6 words. But can you really create something with meaning in 6 words? Time will tell. Next in terms of size is a new term coined Twitterature; this is a story with just 140 characters. No; it is not a story with lots of people; in this sense a character is an individual letter. So Twitterature is a very short, short story of just 140 digits.

Dribble moves us up to 50 words and Drabble to 100; Sudden Fiction meanwhile allows for 750 words. So what about Micro Fiction & Nano Fiction? After much searching I see Nano Fiction as being a story of (some say up to ) 55 words and Micro Fiction as being up to 300 words. So in other words; the Six Word Story, Dribble & Twitterature come under Nano Fiction while Drabble is a form of Micro Fiction and Sudden Fiction when added to all the others is part of Flash Fiction.

When I write a story I will try and keep my works to under 1,000 words where possible; so some may be twitterature, some micro fiction and others nano fiction; yet all we definitely be flash fiction. However what I really hope to achieve is not turning my dribble’s and drabble’s into drivel!