Flash Fiction: Short Stories with a hint of Nano Fiction & Micro Fiction

A relatively new term; Flash Fiction has replaced names such as “short; short story” to describe tales that are minimal in length. Some also use words such as Nano Fiction & Micro Fiction. However, none of the terms used seems to have a set form; so I have decided to use flash fiction my way.

I, like many others before me, have always wanted to write a book. I like many others can’t get motivated enough, or hold onto one concept long enough to write an 80,000-word document.

So I have been looking at short or rather, shorter stories and came across the term Flash Fiction. Flash Fiction is a story of 1,000 words or under; some say between 100 and 500 words. Now I think I can do that!

Those in the know will tell you that a story should have the usual elements of a protagonist, who undergoes some form of conflict with the odd obstacles or complication before arriving at a final resolution. In some types of flash fiction, this can be difficult to achieve, simply because of the number of words you have at your disposal. So just how many words do I allow…

After doing a little research, yes including Wikipedia; I am now working along the lines that Flash Fiction can be sub-classed into a number of types. These include the Six Words Story, Dribble, Drabble, Micro Fiction, Nano Fiction, Sudden Fiction and Twitterature.

The Six Words Story is just that; a story written in just six words. But can you really create something with meaning in 6 words? Time will tell. Next, regarding size is a new term coined Twitterature; this is a story with just 140 characters. No; it is not a story with lots of people; in this sense, a character is an individual letter. So Twitterature is a very short, short story of just 140 digits.

Dribble moves us up to 50 words and Drabble to 100; Sudden Fiction meanwhile allows for 750 words. So what about Micro Fiction & Nano Fiction? After much searching, I see Nano Fiction as being a story of (some say up to ) 55 words and Micro Fiction as being up to 300 words. So in other words; the Six Word Story, Dribble & Twitterature come under Nano Fiction while Drabble is a form of Micro Fiction and Sudden Fiction when added to all the others is part of Flash Fiction.

When I write, I will try and keep my works to under 1,000 words where possible; so some may be twitterature, some micro-fiction and others nano fiction; yet all are flash fiction. However what I hope to achieve is not turning my dribble’s and drabbles into drivel!

How this Website Works

Each term relating to short, short fiction will have a page with some thoughts and examples of that type. For instance twitterature will hopefully explain what it is; how to do it and some of my pieces of twitter fiction.

Eventually, I will create pages where you can read my other pieces of work. However, after looking at the first few examples, you may not want to get that far.

To give the website a kind of book effect, I will be adding links to the next page at the bottom of each page. Please be aware that this website is still in development

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