About Flash Fiction

I have created Flash Fiction to display some of my short stories. Now I am new to this game, so hopefully, you will give me time to develop my story writing and plot making abilities.

You might be thinking why not individual websites to cover all the types of short, short fiction. Well, I did initially do this. However, I felt it would work better all under one banner. See, short, short stories come in different guises. I plan to use Flash Fiction for my works of under 1,000 words, and this will include any Micro Fiction; often written as microfiction; Nano Fiction (nanofiction) and Twitter Fiction. Oh; I might include Drabble as well!

Microfiction is a story of 300 words or less; Drabble is 100 words or less; Nanofiction is 55 words or less while Twitter Fiction is fiction in just 140 characters.

As mentioned on the home page; I have always wanted to write a book but could never hold onto a storyline for any length of time; so I did some research into short stories.

During my research for this idea I came across an article in the Guardian entitled “Stories in your pocket: how to write flash fiction“; David Gaffney wrote it. Further research led me to his website from which I have drawn more inspiration to start the project. Details of Dean Gaffney’s first book of flash fiction can be found on my credits page.

I have built Flash Fiction in a way that will allow me to add other authors to it; should there ever be a need. That way they can showcase their pieces of work, should they wish. Each author will in effect have their website within a website; let’s call them micro-sites to make things simple. However, I need to make it work for myself first.

More details about Flash Fiction will be added here over the Christmas period; I guess for now I should wish you all a merry; safe and relaxing Christmas.