This may well be the first time I have created a page of credits; however, I think this will not be the last one I do. A new me perhaps; however credit should be given when credit is due.

Inspiration Credits

One inspiration mentioned on the about page is David Gaffney’s Sawn-off Tales. It is a book written by him containing stories of 150 words each. In fact David Gaffney has a lot to answer for as I have now read most of his articles at the Guardian including Top flash fiction writing tips: David Gaffney and Flash of inspiration: the pick of your micro-fiction. For more information abiur David Gaffney; visit his website; aptly entitled David Gaffney.

A website that uses Twitter fiction has also inspired me; these are stories in under 140 characters. A great place to see these in action is Nanoism. Another place to see Twitter fiction at its best is at the Guardian website where 21 top authors were challenged to produce a piece of Twitter fiction each.

I will add to the list of inspiration credits in due course.

The Website Credits

Firstly I wish to applaud the work of Calvin Koepke; I have made some alterations, however it is his free Letter theme that I am using on this website. The theme is free however it uses a framework which is not. That framework is Genesis; it is designed to give WordPress bells.

A list of plugins used will follow.