The Six Word Story

The shortest of short, short stories are referred to as “The Six Word Story;” it’s Flash Fiction Story in just six words!

I don’t think that the Six-Word Story is always, or rather is ever a story. When writing this page, I spent around one minute creating four examples. As with a lot of twitterature and nano fiction, it is easy to throw a few words together. But do these words make a real story?

I know this is written elsewhere within Flash Fiction and potentially somewhere else around the internet, but can you get the elements of having a protagonist, some form of conflict, the odd obstacles or complications, and a resolution all within six words? No, comes to mind.

Please bear in mind that although I thought of these examples while developing this section; I can’t guarantee that they haven’t been written by someone before. If they have then sorry for using them here uncited.

My first attempt at a six-word story is:

Mind racing; heart racing; car racing.

Is mind racing a conflict? Not really, however, it could potentially suggest one. The obstacle could potentially be the fact that the protagonist is racing a car which can suggest danger. However, there is no resolution other than what your mind adds to the “story”.

The wind blew; rain is coming.

In this we have no protagonist; I guess the wind blowing or rain coming could be an obstacle or complication it could even be a resolution; especially if it was a farmer desperate for the rain to water his crops. But a storey? No!

Two buses together; an hour wasted.

An hour wasted does suggest that someone is in the story; there was an obstacle or complication of sorts; the person had to wait for an hour and as the theory suggests; buses always turn up together. That hour was wasted; a tentative resolution maybe? I still don’t see it as a story. However, it does have a lot of unanswered questions, and I do like it when I have to use my imagination to fill in the missing parts.

I walked to the shops; closed!

I am the protagonist, and I am walking to the shops. There must be a reason to walk there, which could spark some imagination as to why. The shop, being closed could be an obstacle but would you not need to know why I am going to the shops in the first place for it to be one. Maybe this six-word story is a story as there is a kind of resolution; the shops are closed; I can’t do whatever it is I wanted to do.

More to follow…

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